A few testimonials from my cherished clients and customers…

Gabe is, hands down, the most professional and attentive real estate broker we have ever engaged. He has helped us on five different transactions over the last decade (involving sales and rentals) and is always our first and only call. He is a persuasive advocate, and is wise in navigating negotiations. I never doubt that Gabe will respond quickly to questions, whether from the buy side or sell side, and I take such comfort from knowing that he is on our side. I cannot imagine feeling safer in a a real estate deal or having more confidence in his representation.

Sang L and Chris M, DUMBO/Prospect Heights/

What started with an inquiry to a listing of Gabe’s that was about to enter contract quickly turned into an Instagram friendship and, then, a real life relationship. He worked for over two years scouting properties for us and sending potentially interesting options our way. There was never pressure or a sense of urgency; he just continued to keep us in mind; suggesting properties, attending open houses, getting to know us. No pressure, a perfect professional friendship. Well, it wound up working out beautifully, right down to the rare real-estate trifecta: “Buying, Selling, and Renting Out”. Knowledgeable and skilled in all three areas, he saved us money, made us money, found us dream tenants but most importantly, finally got us settled us into our forever house in Brooklyn. Gabe, and by extension his team, has our whole trust and admiration!

Rose D, Windsor Terrace/Ditmas Park

Gabe and his colleague Adam were fantastic to work with in my search for a home in Brooklyn. I was a first-time buyer who knew what I wanted in an apartment but had very little familiarity with the process; the two of them were thorough and patient in their explanations. Perhaps even more importantly, they were honest — about which apartments they thought were worth my time and money and which weren’t, what situations raised red flags, and how they saw the market and my chances for the places I was interested in. I made offers on a number of apartments in a very competitive market, but they never flagged in their efforts or enthusiasm and eventually helped me make the leap for my current home. They also helped put together my co-op application and saw me all the way through to closing. I’m so grateful to Gabe and Adam, who I now am happy to call friends, and would recommend them to anyone.

Emily C, Prospect Heights

Gabe has to be the best broker in New York. Super professional, easily accessible, very patient and knows his stuff. He took the time to assess what we were looking for in advance and did not show us any duds. We were lucky to find our dream place on our first day looking. However, there were delays after delays unrelated to him from attorneys, banks, etc. Gabe was super proactive and took care of things in advance of becoming an issue. He is super knowledgeable, extremely friendly and has a way to nudge other parties. He was a great advocate for us throughout the process and always made us feel better at times of frustration. I am hoping this is our forever home, but if anything changes the only broker I will be calling is Gabe. We are grateful for everything you did for us and helping us find and close on our dream home. Thank you!

Sherese F, Park Slope

We didn’t meet Gabe through a friend or referral; we met him at a jam-packed open house for one of his listings. We came without a broker, and interest in the apartment was intense. Yet, despite the traffic that afternoon, Gabe took the time to connect with us and make sure our questions were answered, met with us twice after the open house and followed up with answers to our questions in a thorough, prompt and professional manner that truly stood out from the majority of brokers we had met over the course of our long and frustrating search for an apartment. And, while we ultimately did not get the apartment, we were most impressed with how transparent and responsive he was throughout the fraught bidding process — so much so, that when Gabe reached out to us shortly after with some well-chosen and well-edited listings, we didn’t hesitate to go out with him.

We were so glad we did. In addition to being highly personable, Gabe quickly zeroes in on what works and what doesn’t and why, and aims to show you listings that reflect what you want you want and need. But, he also takes the time to search for something special you might not have considered, a good value or perhaps something just outside of your zone that might fit the bill. As creative and thoughtful he was during the “search” phase, it was when we finally found an apartment and during the bidding and closing of the deal that Gabe’s talents and professionalism really shone through. Gabe offered tremendous insight and guidance during the bidding process and presented our offer in an exceptionally written and thoughtful letter that would have impressed any seller. Our offer was quickly accepted and the process that followed, from the financials, forms and co-op process went smoothly and efficiently, thanks to Gabe.

Gabe truly stands out; he has tremendous integrity, high ethical standards and genuinely cares about building relationships with his clients. So many buyers are happy to say goodbye to their brokers at the closing; we were glad to say that Gabe had become a good friend, someone with whom we will stay in touch on a personal level and to whom we will reach out again professionally should we be in the market to buy or sell real estate in Manhattan.

Andrea K, Upper West Side

Gabe and I met in a real estate development course in early 2014 during our NYU Stern MBA program. He was by far the most knowledgeable and passionate student in the class and was clearly a real estate expert. “If I ever buy in NYC,” I thought to myself at the time, “I am working with Gabe.”

By late 2015, I was ready to make the leap of faith across the river from Jersey City to Manhattan. I wanted to make the lifestyle change to work hard, play harder, and live hardest in my favorite city in the world. Having maintained contact with Gabe and reading about his countless success stories, I trusted Gabe to transition from former classmate to real estate broker.

Gabe was attentive to my desires for a condominium from the very first time we discussed what I was looking for. Every listing he sent me was relevant, he arrived early to every showing I requested, and displayed expertise and professionalism throughout my search. Gabe was so focused on and understanding of the type of unit I sought that after viewing just 3 condos, I found the one I had dreamt of. Having moved in shortly ago, I love my brand new home more than I ever anticipated I would.

I am so appreciative to have been able to work with Gabe. Throughout our process, he was communicative and client oriented. I am grateful that through working with Gabe, he and I transitioned from classmate to broker to friend.

Michael S | Seaport/Midtown West

Even before meeting Gabe – through our discussions by email, his quick responses, his readiness to do research and his dedication to his work – we knew that we had made a great choice to work with him and his team. Gabe was recommended to us by a friend – and it is a connection that we are still thankful for. Not only is Gabe an exceptional NY Real Estate agent – but he goes above and beyond with his service, passion, courtesy and manner. Gabe has also built an amazing team of people that share in his passion and dedication – and together the service that they offer is top notch.

Gabe helped us hone in on some of the best opportunities available to us within our budget. We were not exactly sure what we wanted – so he and his team helped us to discover several NYC neighborhoods. Through Gabe’s efforts we found a beautiful townhouse that we were able to rent while we looked for a home to purchase. Gabe and his team continuously kept an eye on the market for us, and we were able to find our dream house. With Gabe’s dedicated team we were able to discover a neighborhood and find a beautiful home for our family. We recommend Gabe and his team to anyone who is looking to find a special home that is just right for them. We know that Gabe and his team will go above and beyond to help you find that perfect home.

Anne L | Park Slope

When we first met him, by accident, Gabe Leibowitz was sitting on a kitchen stool in a high-rise apartment that we went to see as prospective purchasers. While we were there with a buyer’s agenda, and he represented the seller, we were immediately drawn to Gabe’s professionalism, friendly manner and straightforward style. In fact, we were so impressed that while it was rather unorthodox, we asked for Gabe’s card. Though we had already met with several brokers and were quite a ways into our apartment search, we knew we had met the right person to continue our search with in order to find success. And we were right.

This reversal in broker “roles” happened with great ease, as the first time Gabe sat with us he quickly ascertained our real estate hopes and needs. He listened carefully, gave us thoughtful, considerate, insightful advice, and then took off like a jackrabbit on our behalves. Since then, Gabe hasn’t stopped working to find us our dream apartment – the one that’s really right for us. And that’s what he cares about. Not looking to make the quickest or biggest, easiest buck, Gabe is truly interested in making his clients happy in ways that are both important, appropriate and personal to them and their goals. His care, patience and professionalism are perfectly matched with his individualism, can-do spirit, tireless work ethic and immense knowledge of the field. He gets just as excited about great apartments as we do! He knows real estate like the back of his hand, and he uses that hand to deftly guide his clients through a process that can be both difficult and trying. But with Gabe, it’s not only plausible; it’s a real pleasure. The day we met Gabe selling an apartment is the day we began buying ours. We couldn’t be luckier to have him as our broker, and I’ve no hesitation saying that anyone else would be equally as lucky working with him.

Sabrina T, Brooklyn Heights

Buying or selling a home is daunting enough for anyone. Buying or selling a home in NYC takes stress and pressure to a whole new level. I don’t need a broker that adds more stress on me and my wife in the process. I need a broker that can bring sense and sensibility to it – someone that is expertly experienced in the NYC market to sift through the nonsense and gamesmanship that muddies these waters, and thoughtful enough to know how to translate that for regular clients so that we can understand it without feeling overwhelmed.

That describes Gabe Leibowitz in a nutshell. He was born in this city, has lived here his whole life, and has been involved in NYC real estate for over 10 years. He listens. He empathizes. He cares about the client more than he cares about the commission. NYC real estate is hard enough. Having Gabe on our side, advocating for us – that made all the difference, and we have an amazing co-op apartment to show for it.

Evan B, Upper West Side

We were first introduced to Gabe several years ago when we signed the lease on one of his apartments. There were several delays with the building getting permits, inspections, etc. and Gabe was a champ throughout the whole process – keeping us updated, going over options, and handling a challenging situation with transparency and empathy.

We’ve since worked with Gabe on another rental and can’t wait to work with him when the time comes to buy a place. He possesses the rare combination of work ethic, integrity and being incredibly good at what he does. In a city full of slick brokers, he is a breath of fresh air who takes the time to listen and work with you to find exactly what you need. We have introduced him to our closest friends and highly, highly recommend him to anyone needing NYC real estate help!

Minji R, Harlem